Group description

Bolivian Catholic University (UCB): Prof. Marcos Luján Pérez, Eng. Diana Maldonado Castro.

Prof. Marcos Luján Pérez

Staff member

Professor at the Engineering a Science Department of UCB since 1996. Research activities related to energy efficiency, cleaner production and atmospheric pollution, special interest in the application of exergy analysis in the design and development of industrial processes and other applications. Teaching courses: applied thermodynamics, energy efficiency, electrochemistry, atmospheric pollution and solid waste management. Private consultant activities in solid waste management and solid waste generation studies, atmospheric pollution environmental and health impacts assessment, cleaner production and pollution prevention.

Eng. Diana Maldonado Castro

Staff member

Environmental engineer and junior environmental consultant. Interested in the renewable energy field and experience with the efficiency analysis focused on the exergy method. Delegate of the UCB at the Global Summit WSEN (South Africa, 2014) and selected to participate at the Global Summit SABF (Argentina, 2012). Volunteer in the Agrobioenergetic Assistance Program (Bolivia, 2011).

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